Fedicraft - Minecraft server for the Fediverse!
Fedicraft is a Minecraft server primarily for people on the fediverse.
PS: Come back Astral, we miss you =(
IP: mc.fedicraft.org
Version: Java Edition 1.20
Q: Are you taking new members?
A: Yep!
Q: How do I join?
A: Join our Matrix server and simply ask!
Q: What are the rules?
A: We have 3 rules as of 2022:
  1. Don't be a dick[1].
  2. Be over 18 years of age.
  3. Don't be the reason we have to make new rules.

Recommended Modlist:

Q: Do you have a community resourcepack?
A: Soon(tm)
Q: Can I download the world?
A: Sure! You can download it here. Do note though, that using these world downloads to cheat, such as using it to find diamonds is a bannable offense as that's definitely being a dick. Seriously, these downloads are provided in good faith in case something ever happens to the current administrator so someone can pick up the torch. Please don't abuse that =)
Not Live Map (Updated Monthly-ish):

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1. a mean, stupid, or annoying person